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PLANETS: Mercury



Anxieties - Grief - Distress - Self-pity - Karmic lessons - Endings

The Ten of Swords indicates the result of all forces – both positive and negative, and tells of an old cycle coming to completion and a new cycle about to begin. It also tells of transition and individuality with purpose.


The X of Swords reflects the necessity for a clean break or finishing with a troublesome or tiresome issue, situation or relationship. Sometimes such endings come through viewing the situation clearly and without illusion. The dawning of clear perception makes endings less painful than they may be otherwise.

The number 10  = 1 and 1s in a reading indicate new beginnings, changes and implies that there is a focus on failure and destruction.

The presence of the 10 of Swords in a reading suggests that the destructive situation you are involved in has reached a climax, and in the near future you will be able to think more clearly.



Self-Acceptance - Freedom - Movement - New Ideas or Perspectives

When we see any version of the Ten of Swords , the feelings are powerful. Whether reversed or upright, the card signals the finality of defeat. There is no way to avoid this tragedy - it has happened over a long course of events that have been a long time coming.

With the reversal though, also comes to a recognition that you have hit rock bottom, there is no more that is left for you to give. With that also comes the release that things can only get better and the cycle can start anew. But like with the eight and nine of swords, this release must be initiated by you. There is an opportunity being presented here to correct what has hurt you, but you must make the effort to climb out yourself. What has happened was terrible, but everyone has a part in the responsibility.