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STARSIGN/S:  Capricorn

PLANET: Saturn



Confident – Reliable – Security – Success - Wealth

The King of Rings embodies maturity, he has grown and evolved to become who he is now, a wealthy and authoritative figure who is stable but also incredibly generous.

At this time it is obvious that you are focused on financial success, you may even encounter someone who is willing to guide you to a higher income bracket, now as much as you admire and respect a character such as this – you must not try to become them…for this will lead you down a path that is untrue to yourself, guidance is just that - guidance…it is not a blueprint that you must mimic.

Taking advice is always questionable, it is the nature of subjectivity, but you should be assured that you have intrinsic abilities in the fields of financial profit and material gain, even if you are not aware of them. The money you earn through your own efforts will bring rewards beyond material gain.

In general, the King of Rings is a business and money orientated card. If you have received this King, then it is a sure-fire sign that your financial situation is about to improve for the better. Usually, this is not a windfall but something more permanent. Therefore, this King can symbolise riches.



Corruption – Materialism – Detail Obsessed

If you have come to a point where you are finding pleasure in others misfortune, or you obsess and judge others on their opinions -  you need to stop and check yourself!!

Bitterness is never a quality that will bring you success and joy –which is exactly what you seek.

If you have placed material things to the forefront of your priorities, take a step back…think about how far these possessions will REALLY take you in life, will there ever be enough? probably not. So you need to quit bulldozing others and destroying your own moral values in the process of chasing after things that in the end are meaningless anyway!