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STARSIGN/S: Sagittarius

YES/NO: Maybe


Afraid · Cautious · Defensive · Impermanent Security · Inner strength

A bittersweet discovery in your spread, the 9 of Wands suggests both struggles ahead and the capacity within you to overcome then even when you're faced with many problems that threaten to make you lose balance. Your life is most likely comfortable at the moment, but there are also probably signs of trouble in some of the less critical aspects of your personal or professional life. Your inner strength will be called upon to maintain the current situation, and then to move forward when progress becomes possible for you.

The 9 of Wands also implies rewards and beneficial gains brought about by past deeds. Hardships and struggles in the past have built resilience and character, and this is now being acknowledged. With this comes a more balanced, mature and discerning approach to life’s problems and issues.


Obstacles - Adversity - Lack of initiative - Confusion - Reluctance - Defensiveness

Reversed, there's a possibility that you are not applying yourself fully and are lacking initiative. A lack of forward planning will likely leave you vulnerable to misunderstandings, and delays with projects, t o avoid this situation be precise about your goals, gather all the necessary and relevant information and apply it. Be careful not take on more than you can deal with.

Also a reminder to not lose faith. You will need to be strong at this time in order to deal with future compilations. The long-term outlook is very positive, so stay on course and keep a positive attitude.