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STARSIGN/S: Aquarius

PLANETS: Mercury

YES/NO: Firm No


Failure - Disappointments - Despair - Anxiety - Doubt - Solitude - Suffering - Fear of loss

The 9 of Swords tells of sad circumstances, unfortunate events and on-going unhappiness. It also suggests dark thoughts, nightmares and troubles of the mind, even though the actual reality may not be so negative, if you have been focused on a fear of the future and had an inability to relax. This leads to anxiety, sleeplessness and depression.

As you may be feeling very low at this time you may have little energy, so the best way to cope is to let fate run its course without fighting it. Eventually this depression or 'dark time' will lift and happiness will re-enter your life.


Doubt - Suspicion - Fear - Guilt - Shame - Hardships - Confusion

To come across the Nine of Swords reversed still signals something similar to the upright version - that you may find yourself being terrorized by nightmares, by anxiety and stress. Some trauma from your past is coming back, and you find the grief of unresolved issues overwhelming.


When making important decisions, the 9 of Swords reversed asks that you consider the consequences of your choices and actions, and be sensible in your decisions.


Appearing reversed, the 9 of Swords can indicate that you may be depressed because you are feeling guilty about something. This depression could effect your physical wellbeing and you should try to seek help for your condition.