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Great abundance - Growth - Self-reliance - Contentment - Discernment

Fortitude - Satisfaction - Material gains - Self-esteem - Reward for effort

The Nine of Rings speaks of attainment, accumulation, experience and completion and tells of seeking one’s life purpose and finding inner-satisfaction. 

This card also represents significant financial reward, but one borne of hard work and careful planning on your part; a just reward for prudent actions. It may also indicate that a time of hardship for you is ending and a counter-balancing time of pleasant living is at hand. On a less positive note, it also indicates a solitary individual, so you may still be searching for companionship, and lack people to with whom share your gains.

Major purchases are usually signalled by the 9 of Rings. 


Fear - Insecurity - Deception - Lack of faith - Threats

The Nine of Rings reversed can be indicative of suffering from financial issues. It can perhaps indicate a false display of security and stability. There may be a desire here to keep up appearances - to have all the finer things in life even when we cannot afford to do so. Where does this stem from? 

Take this as an opportunity for you to figure out what it is most important. The Nine of Rings reversed indicates a moment when one truly sees - perhaps for the first time, that we cannot depend completely on material wealth to bring happiness.