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Coping and Resistance - Courage - Long-term successes - Perseverance - Strength


You almost certainly have great reserves of courage, and the perseverance to see yourself through difficult times. You may not be aware you possess these qualities, but you will find yourself needing them soon. Expect conflicts, possibly small, but more likely significant. It is not certain where they will arise, but there is no doubt you possess the ability to overcome your adversaries. 

Remain steadfast within. ​In the Sevens, that is the most common way to succeed. These cards offer you a chance to show not only what you've learned and retained from your trials, but how well you deal with the unexpected.


Perplexity - Embarrassments - Anxiety and confusion - Failure - Self-doubt

You could be feeling overwhelmed by all the responsibilities and challenges that you are facing. This can make it difficult to see the whole picture. You can also feel that you have to compete and compare yourself to other people, which leaves you feeling vulnerable and inadequate. You may have feelings of being criticised and judged constantly by others. Your friends and family could be questioning you about your decisions and choices, and you feel overwhelmed by their judgement. 

Avoid being indecisive now as it can lead to another person taking advantage of your hesitation and in turn gaining the upper hand.