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STARSIGN: Taurus - Libra


YES/NO: Most Likely Yes


Balance - Generosity - Thoughtfulness - Accomplishments - Gratification - Assistance

The Seven of Rings indicates solid development, spiritual perfection, the completion of a cycle, inner-wisdom and the inner-self, as ell as denoting that through perseverance, effort, determination and hard work, success will be inevitable. 

It symbolises the ‘fruits of one’s labours’

7’s indicate a time of solitude and asking questions of the inner-self. In a reading, it implies that there is a focus of limited successes. Changes to come will bring about an increase in income and prosperity. If in the process of negotiating finances, money, loans or sales, you are asked not to become overly anxious. 


Anxiety - Impatience - Concerns regarding financial aspects - Stress - Nervousness

The 7 of Rings reversed asks you not be make any hasty decisions relating to business and finances.  Impatience can ruin everything. If you don't take time to consider all options there will certainly be some regret.

Have you resigned yourself to the fact that a project you may have been involved with will be non-profitable? Is this lack of vision is limiting your success? With renewed enthusiasm and hard work the venture could be more profitable than first expected.


Stay as patient as you possibly can, as impatience and rushing things can ruin your plans. Do not make any rash decisions at this time. It also asks you to think very carefully before making any major choices or changes.