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Completion · Good news · Reward and Recognition · Success · Triumph

The Six of Wands tells of temporary gains and small victories, and also of cessation within a struggle. In a reading, the Six of Wands asks you to have faith in yourself.  It suggests that good news is coming and there is an improvement in a relationship.

Your past efforts are about to pay dividends if you find the Six of Wands in your spread. Whether in the form of recognition for your past work or material reward, some level of success is in your future. If you are waiting for some particular news, this card is most likely a portent of good news. However, it is also gentle reminder that magnanimity and grace should accompany your success. To avoid losing friends and inviting retributions, do not let the good fortune go to your head.


Apprehension - Fear - Self Doubt - Disappointment - Overbearing Pride

When 6 Wands is reversed, you might find yourself doubting all of your abilities as well as your overall potential to achieve any kind of success. You might be feeling particularly negative about your entire self as if you have failed others as well as yourself. This is a symbol that means that you lack the confidence and drive that you need to achieve. You need the overall support as well as recognition of third parties in order to pick you up, to emotionally provide you with some much-needed strength.