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STARSIGN: Taurus - Libra


YES/NO: Most Likely Yes


Balance - Generosity - Thoughtfulness - Accomplishments - Gratification - Assistance


The Six of Rings speaks of equilibrium, stability, the balance of mind and spirit, and harmony.

Relates to the number 6, which is the number of love, peace and harmony. It tells of giving, receiving and sharing, and implies charitable action and a deep and genuine love of home and family. Number 6 is the number of needs being met on all levels.

Success in your life is bound up to generosity. This may mean your prosperity will arise from your investment in others, perhaps a financial investment, or maybe advice and support for a friend. This card can also mean the reverse, that your success will arise from the generosity of someone else. The two are, of course, not exclusive, and drawing this card suggests you naturally lean towards benevolent acts and charity.


Appearing in a reading, the 6 of Rings tells that generosity shown to others at this time will reap karmic rewards, three-fold.


Dissatisfaction - Greed - Insecurity - Jealousy

The 6 of Rings reversed may be implying that you may be experiencing some negativity, jealousy and/or envy from others, which may be unsettling for you. You are asked to accept that this is their problem and not yours. Do not allow their attitude to affect you … carry on along your path unhindered.


If you are feeling a lack of recognition and acknowledgment for your hard work and effort, you must remember that this does not equal personal inadequacy. keep going.

Note: try not to be resistant to self-examination, and to learning about areas that require development, are you denying yourself the chance to grow as a person