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Struggle - Challenge - Growth - Competition - Opposing energies - Agitation

5’s in a reading indicate a time of changes, flux and upheavals, and the 5 of Wands foretells of a time of struggle where petty obstacles may constantly appear in your life, causing difficulties and hinderances. You must remember during this time that annoyances and minor setbacks are to be regarded as interesting challenges to be met and overcome. 

Look upon them with a positive attitude and they will be easily dealt with.

There may be a personal struggle that you are dealing with on your own, you must take time to identify what this could be and find ways to address it in order to move forward.


Negativity - Struggles internal & external - Opposition - Difficulties

Appearing reversed, the 5 of Wands tells of arguments, misunderstandings and negative feelings, which may result in the unpleasant sides to people’s characters appearing.
Also implies that there may be some difficult obstacles to overcome in the near future, if these minor setbacks and annoyances are not tended to now, they may become more serious, resulting in irritability.

Seek advice from someone with a healthier mindset rather than wallowing in self-pity any longer, an inability to cope with changing conditions and failing to meet the challenges of life are indicated here, but remember - patiently persist, as harmony and peace will prevail in the long run.