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Emotional or Financial troubles · Inadequacy · Poverty · Scarcity · Worry

This is a time for you to carefully evaluate what matters in your life and work out your priorities, such as whether your job or your relationship matters most. In order to mitigate the damage in some areas of your life, you may have to let some of the other fall away.


Problems and hardship brought about by your own choices is an uncomfortable position to be in  -  but it does provide a basis for starting over again, bearing in mind the pitfalls of the past. One will therefore be better equipped to re-start or tackle the problem differently next time around.


5’s in a reading indicate a time of changes and of ups and downs and upheavals.


The number 5 indicates that there is a focus on financial or personal difficulties. You may experience problems at work that may cause concerns regarding your financial security. You may be spending too much time worrying about things that may never come to pass, wasting energy and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.


Recovery - Upwards momentum - Gradual Improvement - Self belief

The 5 of Rings appearing reversed in a spread may be telling of a karmic lesson that needs to be experienced and accepted before you are able to move forward in your life.​


There is an inner-need that you are unable to grasp at this time. It asks you to look ahead to your future, as the present situation will soon pass, and you are prompted to maintan faith and trust. Better is on the way, however you must not expect changes to happen overnight. It will take some time before you can recover, and find strength once again. This means you will be able to regain stability in terms of property, health, relationships, business, or finances. 


Slow recovery from illness can be indicated by the 5 of Rings reversed as well. You will be able to find a treatment that can lead to recovery. If you are caring for someone, then it can mean that help will be made available, whether it is financial or practical assistance.