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Retreat - Solitude - Inner-reflections - Planning for the future - Contemplation

Solid foundations - Rest

Representing order and stability, combined with the tumultuous nature of the Swords, the 4 of Swords offers your respite from the battles in your life. The peace may be temporary, but appreciate it while it lasts. It may point towards recovery from prolonged illness.

After the time of chaos, anger and pain depicted in the Three of Swords, the Four of Swords can signal that it is time to retreat. The Four of Swords is a moment of rest. Whether this is from a choice to withdraw, or whether it is from pure exhaustion, it is not clear. We are still tender from the wounds that were inflicted, and the battle weapons still hang above us as a grim reminder of what was lost. In order to continue and re-emerge in your daily life, you must take the time now to take a breather. There is always the faint fear that something more is bound to happen again and it is advisable that you take all chances to rest. 

The IV of Swords gives the impression of feeling isolated, cut-off and out of touch. It is a time to seriously consider new ways and plans for the future. It is asking you to prepare yourself for changing circumstances and tells of a need to take time to contemplate and reflect, and to renew both your mental and physical energies.


Isolation - Loneliness - Detachment - Seclusion - Opposition, - Cancellations - Social unrest

The reversed 4 of Swords indicates that you have been in retreat for too long or at the wrong time. You may have missed out on opportunities as a result. You should make attempts to re-integrate and socialize.

There are positive opportunities on their way  -  but it comes with a caution to remain aware of all that takes place at this time. You are asked to use discretion and caution before making any important decisions or taking any important steps in your life.

Health issues should not be neglected as prevention is better than cure.