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STARSIGN: Capricorn

PLANETS: Mercury



Gifts - Legacies - Wealth - Financial stability - Practicality - Hard work - Diligence

4's in a reading indicates the realization of one’s goals, and tells of a focus on material wealth.

The 4 of Rings indicates someone with sound judgment and a good mind for business matters, or someone who knows the value of money and how to invest it wisely.
The 4 of Rings appearing in a reading indicates very solid domestic situations. If you believe that you are on the right path in whatever area of your life is currently in focus (ie. career, relationship, lifestyle choices) the 4 of Rings implies that you are to keep going in this vein.

Possessive relationships can be represented by the 4 of Rings. You know you want your lover and you are unwilling to let them go. You probably come across as being needy and overly obsessive; and your clinginess may be starting to annoy your partner.


Frustration - Pettiness - Inefficiency - Inexperience - Non-achievement

When reversed, the 4 of Rings swerves sharply into the negative meanings of the card. Instead of being protective you become greedy, and you succumb to stinginess. You are haunted by certain fears of poverty which compels you to be nothing but materialistic. You are incredibly self-protective and defensive in terms of materialistic things, and you are not opening up to trust other people out of fear that they may be taking them away. 


Tells of a need to establish new plans so that you are prepared when upsets and/or delays take place. Opposition may delay future plans. It would be advisable to have an alternative plan or option ready just in case.

Money spent unwisely is implied by the reversed Four of Rings. It may also imply irresponsible decision-making, false economy, greed and the squandering of resources. You are to keep a check on this to your own financial stability and security.