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Collaboration - Co-operation - Collaboration - Enterprise - Shared Resources

3's in tarot generally refer to creativity, growth, expansion and development.  It is a very busy, energetic number.

This card is an indicator of things to come, this is a time where collaboration will create  enterprise, having people around you with great ideas is just as good as you having them yourself. Be a springboard for others and you will find that they are equally as willing to be the same for you - the people in our immediate surroundings – such as peers and colleagues – will acknowledge your skills, and cooperate with you to assist you in reaching your goals.

As much as this card is about achievement it is also only the beginning of a journey, you must be prepared to put in the work that is ahead of you, remember - you must commit to yourself, have courage in your present direction and be sure to keep your focus unwavering - success in all of your ventures will be inherent. 

The Three of Wands is the card of extreme confidence in crossing the line. Your belief in your own creative process allows you to form the bonds that take you to the next level. You envision what you can become when your loyalty is recognized. You indulge your vision and dare to dream. This card indicates that you are about to envision crossing that line. When the Three of Wands is in your reading, the walking sticks that represent your creative and entrepreneurial impulses are set in a manner to take you places you are only beginning to dream possible.


Refocusing - New Knowledge - Missed Opportunities - Disappointment 

The 3 of wands reversed is telling that a new direction is needed because skills and efforts are being wasted. It is a good time to lighten your workload, or re-organize the way you work so you are able to conserve your energy. If you do not heed this subtle warning, there is a good chance that opportunities will be missed, being hasty or careless with your decisions can hinder your future - slow down and pay attention. Overcoming these issues that you are facing will surely lead to new growth and my refer to a wish coming true, think carefully about what it is that you really wish for and why. You are likely to find yourself with sudden understandings coming to you - about yourself, about other people, and about the world. Generally, you can trust this new knowledge.

Reversed, this card can also indicate miscommunication and disappointment. The success that the you wanted to achieve maybe didn't work out as you'd hoped, or there has been a significant delay...most likely due to lack of active involvement in the matter.