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STARSIGN: Capricorn


YES/NO: No clear answer


Obstacles - Juggling - Weighing up options - Decisions - Changing and fluctuating finances 

2's in tarot combine the forces of change, and of balance. 2 of Rings can mean good or ill, but it is a strong indicator that the status quo will be disrupted. There will be challenges in your future, but your fate is largely in your own hands in the sense that the final outcome depends own how you respond to these challenges.

One aspect of this card is that multitasking is not going to serve you right now, pulling back and focusing energy into one or two main priorities will turn out much more in your favour.


Impatience - Inconsistency - Self-doubt - Frustration - Lack of willpower

Disharmony - Procrastination

When the 2 of Rings appears reversed in a spread it implies that you (or someone close) feels the need to simulate enjoyment and/or happiness in an attempt to hide or mask true feelings. You are asked to live your truths regardless of others’ expectations.
You may need to re-consider current plans prior to moving forward as there are flaws that have been over-looked. There is a need for more organization before commencing.

Remain positive and focused as there may be some temporary obstacles in your path. This time will pass quickly, and the hindrance or problem will move away, making way for positive progression. You are encouraged to maintain faith and keep on trying, despite the fact that confidence needed to handle upcoming challenges will be repressed. There may be a fear of failure, and inaction will lead to further obstacles and delays.

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