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STARSIGN/S:  Scorpio

PLANET: Mercury - Moon



Contentment - Spiritual fulfilment - Enlightenment - Affection

Intimacy - Deep feelings - Compassion

Aces are portals between the realms of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. They allow powerful, but impersonal forces to come into your life. An Ace is always interpreted as beneficial, positive and life-enhancing...Considering this information - try to open your mind to alternative solutions for old problems or situations and the Ace may provide you with the new beginnings you desire. 

The Ace of Cups is the card of love; it predicts pure and innocent love. It will make an appearance at the beginning of a relationship. Therefore, it should come as no surprise if your romantic life is of interest to you.  

There is no denying the fact that a Cup is symbolic of the ‘mother bowl’ i.e. the womb. In some cases the Ace of Cups will represent child birth and pregnancy. As this card is rather feminine, the childbirth you may experience will be of a female child (which is in contrast to the Ace of Wands which is traditionally associated with the birth of a male).

When you are working with an Ace, look for the potential in every situation. See how you might take advantage of whatever comes your way because you will have the chance to make real and important changes in your life. 



Sadness - Despondency - Loneliness - Instability


The reversed Ace of Cups could be telling of anxiety and feeling over-anxious about everything in life at the moment.

An indicator for the need to change up the pace and get out of the routine or rut you're stuck in! feeling bored and/or disgruntled and may suggest a lack of energy due to non-activity - you need some new goals and aspirations ASAP.

The reversed Ace of Cups indicates disappointments and disruptive influences. Are you behaving in an egotistical or self-centred manner? Keep this in check; otherwise others may turn their back on you and your ideals and this can lead to unhappiness and depression.


Another aspect here is that the creation of a deeper connection to another is being blocked and/or hindered. This may be due to circumstances beyond your control, or due to a fear of intimacy. It is a time to consider how the past is connected to the present, and how it may be interfering with the ability to be intimate and close with others. You are encouraged to examine your life circumstances to determine what is getting in the way of developing new relationships, and make choices and take action to rectify them.