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PLANETS: Neptune



Generosity - Contentment - Security - Harmony - Balance - Personal satisfaction

Advantage - Positive energies - Material gains

This card is a very powerful positive indicator for you! It represents a lasting or powerful contentment in your life. While nothing is permanent, somewhere along your life's path you can expect to be truly happy. It is heavily tied to creative endeavour and good wishes for the future. 

Business plans will pan out and gambles will pay off. Whatever you are working towards will be in sight. The 9 of Cups is good of both business people and gamblers alike.

Remember, however, that getting what you want is only half of the story. If you wish to keep your happiness, you must work to sustain it. Good things come to those who hustle.


Complacency - False optimism - Poor judgement - Mistakes - Lack of humility

Think carefully about the things that you really want in your life, this card signifies that you are looking for a more authentic feeling of fulfilment.

Your path has been a hard one, and you've arrived at a period where you may have the appearance of fulfillment, but something else is missing. This may outwardly appear as smugness, and can indicate your desire to receive attention and recognition for all that you have achieved. But you personally still feel dissatisfaction in yourself - it seems as though your desires are never-ending, a black hole. Where does this stem from? In what parts of yourself are you lacking confidence?